Annual Report of the
South Side Community Coalition

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Teen Programs:

Health Programs and Outreach:

South Side 4-H Club



Teen Leader Weekend Training on Visual and Performing Arts at Michigan 4-H Retreat Center: A weekend trip where youth learned about acting, dance, and art

Ingham County Fair Field Trip:


Community Garden Club and 4-H Garden


Fashion Show

Youth participated in the fashion show at the Ingham County Fair


4-H Magazine Fundraiser

 Support our 4-H club by ordering magazines off of South Sideís website.  All proceeds allow youth in the 4-H  programs to attend field trips and participate in activities free of charge

4-H Goals for 2008

Receive grant money for all 15 teen leaders to attend 4-H exploration days at MSU where they will learn about college life and stay in the MSU dorms.  The conference costs $150 per child for a week and many of our families will need the financial assistance for our teen leaders to participate.  Have an intern dedicated to operating the 4-H program.  Integrate 4-H resources to help better support the summer programs activities. 

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Peace Jam 2007

South Side Teens had the opportunity to attend Peace Jam in the spring and in the fall this year.  This spring we had 15 kids and 10 adults who went to Kalamazoo to attend the conference at Western Michigan University.  The Capitol Region Community Foundation YAC funded our trips to Peace Jam this year so we were able to take all children free of charge.  Each conference normally costs $75 per child to attend.  This is not including the bus to Kalamazoo or the two nights in a hotel in Kalamazoo. Our service project for 2007 was selling fair trade coffee and chocolate to educate people about child labor in African and Latin America.   We were able to meet the noble Peace Prize Winner, Roberta Menchu and learn about her work for racial equality and the rights of children.

Below are the youth selling their fair trade products in front of the center at our farmers market this summer.  The youth were given start-up money from a youth entrepreneurial grant


Peace Jam Goals for 2008

I would like to have an intern who is dedicated to helping the youth develop their business skills and keep their fair trade business going.  I have applied for a grant from the staples foundation to integrate this with a financial education program for teens.  Every two years the Peace Jam foundation holds an international conference with all 12 of their Noble Peace Prize Winners in attendance.  It is very expensive but one of our dreams would be able to give youth who have demonstrated that they are excellent leaders and who have shown dedication to the program to be able to have this experience for free. 

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South Side Teen Scene

South Side Teen Scene turned one year old at the beginning of 2007.  It is now 2008 and we have had the same youth participating in this widely successful program for now two years straight.  We have been able to make this program possible with the support of Willow Teen Health Plaza who have funded us since the beginning of the program.  This year Willow did a site visit at the center with our national evaluator.  They concluded that we are doing an excellent job and are honored to be the example for other program in the city.


25 students make up the core group.  During the summer months we might have 35 or 40 youth who become involved.


Youth Conference on Abstinence: Teens make their life goals timeline

Marching in African American Parade: In addition to marching with South Side the teens helped us to face paint just about every kid at the African American Picnic

Willow Teen Health Center Summer Carnival: We were invited to have a booth and participate in their annual health carnival.

YMCA Overnight: We stay up all night long and run around the YMCA


South Side Teen Scene meets every week on Mondays from 6 to 8 during the school year.  Summer meeting are at a different time.  Dinner is provided during the meeting.  Teens learn about different topics regarding character building, abstinence, goal setting and leadership development. 

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 Y-Fit YMCA Teen Fitness Program


For the year of 2007, the YMCA has joined forces with South Side to allow teens over 12 an opportunity to work out at the YMCA twice a week.  The program has been very successful in a years time helping the teens to lower their blood pressures and lower their body fat levels while developing a life long love of fitness.  There is free transportation from South Side to the YMCA and the program is free to all youth.  In addition to fitness, youth learn about nutrition, taste healthy snacks, and try out new fitness classes like spinning, karate, yoga, and pilates.


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Ingham County Youth Commissioners


The Ingham County Board of Commissioners, in conjunction with the Ingham County MSU Extension, has established a Youth Commission consisting of up to 15 youth between the ages of 12 and 18 years of age to advise the Board of Commissioners and others within county government on issues relating to young people throughout Ingham County.  Three members of the South Side Teen Scene have applied and been accepted to join this commission.  In order to join they had to be interviewed by the Ingham County Commissions.  Some of the past activities the board has been involved in have included youth issues forums, government education activities, and community service.  The commission is working on a 2008 KIDS SPEAK conference on improving services to youth in Ingham County.

Ingham County Youth Commissioners from South Side Teen Scene

Community Services Committee:

  • Keliah Davis, Lansing

  • Khadijah Ellis, Lansing

Webmaster, Government Education Committee

Taylor Macklin-Sherrer



Taylor Macklin-Sherrer: Certificate of Appreciation

Khadijah Ellis: Perfect Attendance

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 Fall Health Fair

The fall health fair offered free blood pressure checks, child lead testing, cholesterol checks, blood glucose levels and free aids testing.  It was very successful with the cholesterol testing nurse running out of the 50 test strips she brought with her.  Flu shots and enrollment in the Ingham Health Plan also took place.  The fair was released to the several newspapers and there was a spot of the television about it.  Later in the day, MSU extension came out to make healthy snacks.

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Hmong American Health Outreach and New Year Celebration


Nhoua Yang has been helping us as a Lane Scholar Intern this school year.  She is the leader of a Homng Youth group and is studying to be a doctor.  She invited South Side to do health outreach at the Homng New Year.  We did surveys, handed out free diabetes monitors, and information on free health care programs.  The Hmong Youth Program kids helped with our booth.  They dressed up Lisa in Hmong clothes as you can see above.  Below is a picture of our booth at the event with Nhoua and another Hmong MSU Student

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Neighborhood Picnic and Neighborhood Associations


This summer the Outreach Team attended so many different community events and neighborhood picnics that it would impossible to name them all. We did face painting at our booth and gave out ready made goody bags filled with health information to people who stopped by to get their face painted.  Above is a picture of our booth as we showed pictures to promote our center.  During the winter month, we will regularly attend neighborhood meetings to promote different events going on at South Side Community Coalition.

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Farmerís Market

This year the farmerís market has been able to accept food stamps and project fresh coupons.  We have also been able to give out project fresh coupons to seniors citizens and women on WIC.  South Side has become a member of Michigan Farmerís Market Association and Lisa Hale has been elected to be represent Lansing, MI on their board of directors.

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Senior Citizen Garden



This year the community garden was coordinated with the help of the garden project.  The garden has a new fence built out of recycled loft ladders.  While half of the garden was left for the kids and their garden activities the rest of it was dedicated to Senior Citizens from Vietnam.  They had 12 of them come weekly to take care of it.  Other seniors who were involved in South Sideís programs had the opportunity to pick up plants, seeds and other free garden supplies at the South Side that were picked up from donations at the main garden project supply building.  This year we attended 4 new garden project leaders training.  For next year, staff will become certified as master gardeners.

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Nutrition Education Iron Chefs

The nutrition education program had help with some wonderful interns from the MSU dietetics programs.  We have done many fun activities with children such as making veggie super heroes, healthy snacks and  our popular healthy iron chef competition.  The youth were given a secret ingredient and had to plate their creations to be voted on as the winner of Iron Chef Nutrition.  We have recently ordered a new curriculum of fun nutrition activities including board games, puppets, flash cards and even food pyramid bingo.

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Lead Safe Lansing

South Side has become a member of the Lead Safe Lansing Coalition and had begin efforts to engage our community in programs to prevent child lead poisoning.  Some of the efforts included going door to door passing our lead safety information in neighborhoods that have older houses that are more likely to have lead paint.  We were able to speak about our efforts with Reverend Jesse Jackson at a press conference this fall on child hood lead testing.  In 2008, we will be able to offer free child lead testing at South Side as well as at home visits.

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