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May 2008 Newsletter











            4-H:  There will be an Exploration Day orientation program on June 9 at 6:30.  All parents of youth attending the program are invited to attend. 

            Five staff members attended the 4-H leader training in Mason in April.    

            Teen Scene: Teen Scene continues each Monday from 6 to 8 P.M.  The focus this year is good health and building character. 

             Peace Jam:  18 students attended the Spring Peace Jam program in Kalamazoo.  They met with youth from around the state to talk about how local action can support world peace.  The project for this conference was clean water.  Our teens displayed the projects that they prepared over the winter months. 

            After-School Programs:  We are averaging 45 children at our after-school program which is 3 to 6 PM each school day. Thanks go to our tutors from Michigan State University who mentor our students and assist them with homework.

            Summer Program: The Summer Program will begin June 23.  It will be from 8:00 AM to 4 PM with breakfast and lunch provided free.  Call  Yolanda at 394-3138 for more information.


            Lead Testing:  The Ingham County Lead Coalition has designated SSCC as a testing center for lead.  We will coordinate home testing for Southside residents.             

            Food Programs: We have expanded our distribution of food to needy families with food from the Red Cross and from Food Movers.

            Child Safety Seat Check:  On May 5th  Safe Kids Worldwide sponsored a child safety  check.  Thank you Safe Kids Worldwide.  

            Ingham Health Plan:  We have received a special incentive grant from the Ingham County Health Department to expand our outreach and service to new IHP members.  We will help new members get started with a primary care physician.

            Farmer’s Market:  We are starting to sign up farmers for this summer’s market.  We plan to open on June 17th and go until October 28th.    We will feature fresh fruits and vegetables. 

            Community Garden: Our garden plot has been roto-tiled and is ready for planting.  Our 4-H children and other community gardeners will be managing the garden this summer. 

            Westside YMCA youth fitness programs:  15 of our kids go twice a week.





Coffee Hour




            Senior Lunch Program (“Coffee Hour”):  “Mr. Party” entertained our seniors at the Valentine Day luncheon with stories and wisdom about loving ourselves and others.  Thank you Mr. Party and the Mainstreet Organization for the programs you bring to our seniors and children at all times of the year. 

            The speakers in March were Kim and Jim from Forest Lawn Memorial Gardens who talked about end-of-life planning.

            Westside YMCA fitness programs:   Our funding to support free fitness program ran out, but we still transport 20 seniors twice a week to the Y to participate in the program.  They pay their own way.  The program is still available to other seniors who are interested. 

            Nutrition Bingo: With a grant from Michigan State University, we hold a nutrition bingo each Thursday from 11 to Noon.  Instead of numbers, players match cards to different foods and food groups.  Prizes are kitchen utensils and healthy foods.





Pet Fair




            Pet Fair:  The Capital Area Humane Society  held a “Pet Fair” for dogs and cats on Friday, April 25.  They provided vaccines and wellness exams, training supplies and tips and crafts for children.  It was a great event and drew 50 families and their pets. 

            The Humane Society has been coming to the Southside each month to teach the children about animals. 

            Thank you to the Veterinarians and the staff for your contribution to our Center and to the families of the Southside.   

            Capital Area Michigan Works: CAMW has been providing SSCC with two workers-in-training each month.  They assist in food distribution, cleaning and maintenance and tutoring. Thank you CAMW and the young people who we are training for jobs in the work force.    

            Pro-Bono Legal Services:  Attorney Steve Haney, Sr. provides pro-bono legal services.  Please call Yolanda Sherrer (394-3138) at the Center to sign up for an appointment.



 Grants:  We have received grants from the following organizations: Susan G. Komen for Greater Lansing, Sam’s Club, Capitol National Bank and the Mayor’s Neighborhood Grant program. Our Winter Holiday fund-raising drives raised over $900.  And we have received over $1,500 from families contributing to us through United Way.   Thank you all for your support of our programs.   

Paul Wolcott: Thanks for your on-going work to update our website.  And thanks for helping to assemble our new food closet.

Stan Hale: Thanks for your years of volunteering and tutoring our children.

To Our MSU Students:  Thanks for being here for our children.

To Leola Sherrer, Patricia Allison, Melba Bledoe, and our Foster Grandparent Jacqueline for all the many things you do for the Center and our Children.


We welcome your donations to help us continue our work.  Donations are tax deductible and can be made out to Southside Community Coalition and sent to 2101 West Holmes Road, Lansing, 48910.  You can also visit our website: - NOTE THAT THIS IS A NEW WEBSITE ADDRESS -- and make a contribution through PayPal.  And you can also designate us in your United Way donation.  Thank you for all that you do to help us serve the Southside. 


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