Southside Community Coalition
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October 2007 Newsletter


Youth Programs

4-H:  The Fall 4-H activities are on Fridays and will focus on learning about good nutrition.  The 4-H award luncheon for the summer programs was Sunday, October 14.  The teens wrote essays about their summer projects.  Our youth received 14 awards for their exhibits at the Ingham County Fair. 

Congratulations to: Alisha Parks, Outstanding Team Leader; Taylor Macklin-Sherrer, All Star Award; Alisha Williams and Kylah Goins, Outstanding Young Members. And congratulations to the whole club for Honorable Mention in the 2007 Club Community Service Award.  

      Teen Scene: Teen Scene continues each Monday from 6 to 8 P.M.  The focus this year is good health and building character.  Teen Scene took a trip in August to Michigan Adventure. 

      Peace Jam:  Nine students attended the Fall Peace Jam program in Kalamazoo.  They met with youth from around the state to talk about how local action can support world peace.  They committed to continuing “Apprentices for Peace,” our Fair Trade sales program.

      Girl Scouts meet on Wednesdays.  Nicky Pruitt will be the leader.

      After-School Programs: Our popular after-school program will be from 3 to 6 PM each school day.  Our tutors from Michigan State University mentor our  students and assist them with homework.

      Red Cross Food Program:  We have expanded our healthy snack program by registering with and purchasing food from the American Red Cross.

       Back to School Supply Drive: We collected back packs and other supplies from Capital Area District Library on South Cedar street and from Congregation Kehillat Israel.  We distributed 20 backpacks and other supplies.   Thank you donors for supporting our students.  

       Golf Outing:    The new Sycamore Driving range hosted 20 kids for two days.  The trip was arranged by Murdock Jemerson and Don Ballard of the Lansing Parks and Recreation Department and was paid for by the Lansing Youth Education Program sponsored by Chris Nicholoff.  Thank you Murdock, Don and Chris.

            Westside YMCA fitness programs:  The Youth program has slots for 30 youth ages 11 and up.  We currently have 20 kids signed up.  Thank you Joy Berwald for providing these programs for our youth.


        Senior Lunch Program (“Coffee Hour”):  October’s Senior Coffee Hour featured  Sarah Bryant, R.N.,B.S.N. Public Health Nurse from the Ingham County Health Department who talked about Health and Your Heart and provided blood pressure checks. 

        Westside YMCA fitness programs:   The Senior program will continue for 12 weeks on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We currently have 22 seniors participating in this program.  Thank you Debbie Kennedy and Mary Griggs of the YMCA for providing these programs for our seniors. 



        Southside Community Showcase: We distributed 80 bags of information and “goodies” from the Center.

        Neighborhood Meetings:  We made presentations about our programs to Colonial Village and other southside neighborhood organizations.




          Health Fair:  Our first Health Fair was October 24 from 9 A.M. to 2 P.M.  We provided blood pressure checks, asthma management, child health screening, flu shots, smoking cessation, lead testing and AIDSs prevention information.  The County Health Department and American Medical Careers assisted in putting on the Fair.  Thanks goes to Cathy Scott Lynch for helping set this up and arranging for staffing for the Fair.  And thanks go to: Bobby Fulton, Tiffany Davis, Kris Keck, Angela Clemens, Jamie Lakies, Carol McDaniel, Rachelle Pratter, Katherine Schaeffer, Karen Smith, Kathy Redman(Manager) and Laura McDowell (PCT Instructor).

          Pro-Bono Legal Services:  Attorney Steve Haney, Sr. will provide pro-bono legal services starting in November.  Please call Yolanda Sherrer (394-3138) at the Center to sign up for an appointment

         Board of Water and Light: Thanks to Mark Nixon and the Board for their contribution that funded our wonderful mural.  And thanks to Erika Mager, the artist and teacher, who worked with our summer program youth to design and paint it.            

         Michigan State University Credit Union: Thanks for your donation to our summer program trips for the seniors and youth. 

         Paul and Jane Wolcott: Thanks for contributing two days of work to build our new storage shed and bringing your grandson Claudio to help.

           Paul Wolcott:  Thanks for your on-going work to update our website.  And thanks for helping assemble our new food closet.

           Stan Hale: Thanks for your years of volunteering and tutoring our children.

           To Our MSU Students:  Thanks for being here for our children.    

We welcome your donations to help us continue our work.  Donations are tax deductible and can be made out to Southside Community Coalition and sent to 2101 West Holmes Road, Lansing, 48910.  You can also designate us in your United Way donation.  Thank you for all that you do to help us serve the Southside.