The purpose of the South Side Community Coalition is to provide educational programs, job training, life skills, and recreational opportunities for the youth and community members on the south side of Lansing.  The community center is a place where south Lansing residents can find information, fun, educational, safe programming and an opportunity to become involved in their neighborhoods.



The mission of the South Side Community Coalition is to provide and facilitate the development of programs for youth and their families who reside on the south side of Lansing.



The Coalition aspires to provide the community with activities and programs that will improve self-esteem, promote academic success and foster the development of positive life skills through one-on-one mentoring, vocational development and the availability of recreational opportunities.  Such activities and programs shall target community members on the South Side of Lansing.  The area considered as the "south side" for the purpose of this group is defined as the Lansing area south of I-496, west of Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd., and east of Waverly Road.

More information can be found at "Grand Opening" and in our first Newsletter.