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This is where we'll announce the most recent additions to our web site. If you've visited us before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.  The Calendar of Events is updated monthly.

  • 11/11/09
- Added new pictures.  Changed the linking page to the "All Pictures".  Dropped old info from the "Hot News".
  • 06/16/09
- Changed Service page link names and related page names.  Removed redundant info on Health-Outreach page.  Fixed name input error on Senior form page.
  • 03/09/08
- Changed the look of the home page, removed pages, and modified others.
  • 11/30/07
- Added the Support page with links to areas where one could
financially support the South Side Community Coalition.
  - Added "Breaking News" button on main page to direct readers
to new items added to the website. 
  • 11/29/07
- Added Outreach / Health link on main page.
  • 11/25/07
- Added 4-H Club at the Ingham County Fair and Fashion show
  • 09/25/07
- Changed the links and separate pages of "Purpose", "Mission",
and "Goals"  to "About Us"  This is to reduce the number of link bars on the left side of the home page.  Added the October Programs and Special Events link to the top of the current calendar page.
  • 09/22/07
- Added U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission Recall List  web link on the "Links" button.
  • 08/23/07
- Added Newsletter link on home page.
  - Added pictures from the "painting of the outside mural".
  - Changed the name of this page to reflect the theme of this page.
  - Added link to all pictures from various activities.
  • 05/01/07
- Added a Senior Calendar page with activities and dates at the YMCA.
  - Added Senior Computer Class information page.
  • 01/24/07
- Changed Staff member listings.
  • 03/21/06
- Added Mural painting at the center by Pleasant View School
students from article in the Lansing State Journal, 3/21/06, (Schools).
  • 03/08/06
- Added Web Site Index Page and Commodities information page.
  • 02/28/06
- Added Capital Area District Library Bookmobile Schedule.
  • 02/22/06
- Added information about Healthy Homes University.
  • 02/14/06
- Added the Senior Page.
  • 02/02/06
- Added Labor Market Information Resources On The Web, the page can be found here Labor information
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